Cooling Comparison


Click Here for full Test Report:  Evaluation on Commercial and Government Off the Shelf Microclimate Cooling Systems

Gel Ice Thermo-Strips

Steele Thermo-strip2



  • More cooling watts per ounce as compared to Phase Change packs.
  • “Green” gel is completely non-toxic & non-flammable.
  • Proven track record of reducing body core temperature for 2-4 hours.
  • More economical than Phase Change packs.
  • May be used interchangeably with Steele Thermo-Phase60°™ packs.

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  • Requires a freezer to re-charge packs.
  • Can initially be perceived as “too cold”.
  • Concern that cold packs can cause vasoconstriction/erytherma or “red skin” which slows the lowering of body core temperature.****

***Steele recommends wearing a layer of clothing, such as a t-shirt, between the vest and the user to alleviate the “red skin”.  The fact that the SteeleVest is HIGHLY effective in lowering body core temperature has been well documented over the past 30 years. 


Phase Change Cooling




  • Some safety measures required.  Click here for   Thermo-Phase60° MSDS
  • No data available to date that confirms core cooling capability.
  • More expensive than Gel Ice Thermo-strips.



Evaporative Cooling

Any cooling item that directs the user to “soak in water” before using.



  • Lightweight
  • Low-profile
  • Economical
  • Uses easily available water as cooling source


  • Provides only light cooling power
  • Ineffective in humid conditions
  • Ineffective under protective clothing
  • Limited life span