Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a SteeleVest?

Sandra Steele invented the first practical (untethered) cooling vest over 30 years ago.  As a woman-owned small family business we pride ourselves on providing superior service and delivery.  All of our products feature the highest level of quality in materials and construction.  We have nuclear power plants that have been using our SteeleVest for over 20 years, and only have to replace the Thermo-strips every 5 years or so.  Also, all of our products are 100% Made in America.

Which Steele Cooling Vest is right for me?

Ask yourself – how much cooling do I need and for how long?  How much weight (of cooling packs) am I able to carry comfortably?  As a rule of thumb the more weight – the more cooling.  The best way to find out which cooling vest is right for you?  CALL US!!!  We have over 30 years of experience helping people to “keep their cool”!!

What is the difference between your Gel Ice Thermo-strips and the Thermo-Phase60° PCM packs? 

  • Steele Thermo-strip Gel Ice Packs
    “Green” gel ice packs are composed of corn starch & water and will freeze overnight in a regular home style freezer.  They are documented to lower body core temperature.  Cooling duration is dependent of the size of the packs used, and environmental factors such as ambient temperature & humidity, but is typically 2-4 hours
  • Steele Thermo-phase60° PCM Packs
    Phase change packs can be re-charged in a refrigerator or with ice water.  Steele Thermo-phase packs maintain a temperature of 60 degrees and will last 2–4 hours before needing to be re-charged.    Some safety measures required if inner contents of packs come into contact with the skin or eyes.  Ideal for those who do not have access to a freezer.

How do I know I will achieve true body core cooling with the Steele Body Cooling Vests?

Thirty years of scientific government testing, both with human subjects and with mannequins, that precisely measure and record vital signs such as skin & rectal temperatures, heart & sweat rates, etc.  All of this testing was done specifically on the SteeleVest and conclusively document its’ effectiveness in lowering body core temperatures.  Steele did not fund any of this testing.  Most testing protocol was designed for two hours with packs still frozen at the end of the test.  Over the past 30 years SteeleVest users consistently report up to 4 hours of cooling.

Can “Vasoconstriction” be a problem with the gel ice Thermo-strips?

No.  Vasoconstriction may occur when ice is applied directly on the skin, and may cause temporary erythemy (redness) to the skin, and slow the core cooling effect of the cooling vest.  This has NEVER been a problem with the gel ice Thermo-strips, as we always recommend a layer of clothing (t-shirt) between the vest and the skin, and the vest itself provides a proper insulating layer.  If the vest is too cold at first we recommend you keep it loose around your body – gradually tightening the straps as the gel ice strips begin to warm.  The core cooling benefits of the SteeleVest & Gel Ice Thermo-strips has been well documented in over 30 years of independent testing.