Six Pocket VestCertified WOSB  –  CAGE 1FF61

NSN Numbers
8415-01-504-4020   SA440           Four Pocket SteeleVest
8415-01-504-4019   SA1149-4      Set of 4, 27 oz Gel Ice Thermo-strips

8415-01-289-9797   SA1140         Six Pocket SteeleVest
8415-01-289-9798   SA1149-6     Set of 6, 27 oz Gel Ice Thermo-strips

Early in the 1990’s, the US Navy, after much rigorous testing, outfitted every ship in the US Fleet with SteeleVests.  Later, after performing further tests and evaluations, the British Navy did the same.  Since then Steele has actively supported and supplied various military commands, Explosive Ordnance Demolition teams, and military hazmat personnel for cooling under protective gear.

In 2011 one of our newest Steele Cool Vests, the ZipCool™ UnderVest, was tested on human subjects by Kansas State University, funded by the US Army. As usual, the Steele Cooling Vest outperformed the other systems tested, and proved its superior cooling power when used under body armor.

In 2013 the US Air Force tested and approved the SteeleVest for use in their Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS) on C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Steele now has two different types of cooling packs available for use with the Steele Body Cooling Vests:

  • Steele Gel Ice Thermo-strips
    “Green” gel ice packs are composed of corn starch & water and will freeze overnight in a regular home style freezer.  They are documented to lower body core temperature.  Cooling duration is dependent of the size of the packs used, and environmental factors such as ambient temperature & humidity, but is typically 2-4 hours
  • Steele Thermo-Phase60° PCM Packs
    Phase change packs can be re-charged in a refrigerator or with ice water.  Steele Thermo-phase60° packs maintain a temperature of 60 degrees and will last 2–4 hours before needing to be re-charged.    Some safety measures required if inner contents of packs come into contact with the skin or eyes.  Ideal for those who do not have access to a freezer.

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