Play Cool & Be Safe

RC45XA335Anytime, anywhere wearing a low profile lightweight Steele Cooling Vest.   For 30 years Steele Cooling Vests have been used worldwide for a variety of industrial, military, medical, and sport applications.  Years of independent military testing consistently show that Steele Cooling Vests prevent heat stress by reducing core & skin temperature as well as heart & sweat rate.  Just freeze the “green” segmented gel ice Thermo-strips, insert into the Thinsulate® insulated vest pockets, and enjoy up to four hours of proven core cooling!  If you don’t have access to a freezer try our new Thermo-phase60° PCM cooling strips.   They can be re-charged in a refrigerator or with ice water and will maintain a consistent 60° F. for up to 4 hours.

Whether you’re pre-cooling to enhance competitive performance, or post-cooling for personal comfort, the Steele Cooling Vest will do the job.  Typical uses include walking, gardening, running, bicycling, tennis, golf, racing (cars or motorcycles), watching spectator sports, or working/playing anywhere the heat is on!

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